Mulilo Augrabies Solar PV Basic Assessment

Augrabies PV Environmental Authorisation

DEA Acceptance of Augrabies BAR

Final Basic Assessment Report

0 BAR Cover page _final_ _July 14-1

1 First page _Key proj description_ Augrabies BAR

2 Augrabies PV Final BAR July 2014 v41

3 BAR Cover page _final_ _July 14-2

App cover pages Augrabies PV Jul 14-12

A-1 National locality map

A-2 Regional Settlements, Roads & Borders

A-3-1 Alternative sites & features5

A-3-2- Coordinates of Sites

A-3-3 Transmission line coordinates

A-4-1 Land use2 A-4-2 Zoning4

A-5-1 Ownership explanatory note

A-5-2 Augrabies I&AP landowners & neighbours2

A-5-3 Site & neighbours ownership drawing

A-6 Contours (Red 5m_ Yellow 0.5m)2

A-7 Enviro sensitivity map (around preferred site)2

A-8 Augrabies Park Buffer Zones

A-9 Site in context of Ecological Service Area (ESA)

B1 – Augrabies site feature photographs2

B2 – Panoramic views of site2

C-1 Schematic Facility Illustration (1 in 2000 at A4)

C-2 Schematic Facility (1 in 550 at A4)

D-1 General Specialist brief4

D-2 Augrabies_Agricultural Draft 3 (29 Feb 12)

D-3 Botanical Assessment – Final PV 8 Dec 2013-2

D-4 Augrabies PV Ecology excl flora BA3 _Final_

D-5-1 Augrabies PV heritage report _final Dec 13

D-5-1 Augrabies ToR Heritage

D-6-1 Palaeontology Augrabies Solar PIA LOE 2012

D-6-2 PIAS – DTS scope of work

D-7-1 Visual Impact Assessment (2nd draft)

D-7-2 Visual Augrabies VIA- Swartrante suppliment (Nov 13)

D-7-3 Reflectivity risk visual assessment

D-7-4 Terms of Reference for VIA

D-8 Freshwater review Augrabies PV 6 April 2012

D-9 Specialist supplementary comment on transmission line

E-1-1 Gemsbok advert 1 Nov 13 (actual size)

E-1-2 Gemsbok Newspaper article 22 Nov 13

E-1-3 Locations of distribution of public notices, flyers & response

E-1-4 Public notices photos3

E-1-5 Farm gate notice photos3

E-1-6-1 Public notice (Eng & Afrik)

E-1-6-2 Background Information document (Eng) Nov 13

E-1-6-3 Agterinligtingsdokument (Augrabies PV) Nov 13

E-1-6-4 Response form (blank) (Eng & Afrik)

E-1-6-5 Emailed letter to I&APs 30 Oct 13

E-2-3 Mailing Proof (Final BAR) Jan 14

E-2-2 Proof of mailings (Draft BAR)

E-2-2 Farm 431 Du Plessis landowner notification (signed)

E-2-1-Oosthuizen Landowner signed notification (Augrabies)3

PPP responses23_July 14

E-3 Comments Response table

E4-1 Proof of mailings (Draft BAR)

E4-2 Augrabies Mailing Proof Jan 14

Final_ E-5 Augrabies I&AP list34

E-6-1 Schedule of Public Participation Meetings held for Augrab

E-6-2 PPP Agenda Meeting 19th November 13

E-6-3 Notes on Public Meeting held 19 November 2013 at Augrabie

E-6-4 Schedule of detailed comments & responses3

E-6-5 Record of meeting with Mr McPherson on 19 Nov 13

E-6-6 Water Affairs Comment on Draft BAR Dec 13 (generic)

E-6-7-1 NCape Environment Affairs Augrabies Commenting

BA E-6-7-2 NCape authority acknowledge receipt E-6-8-1

SANParks letter 09 Dec 13

E-6-8-2 Visual glare response

E-6-8-3 Glare response re visual specialist

E-6-9 WESSA Northern Cape (generic)

E-6-10 Nardus Du Plessis CONCERNS

E-6-11-1 NCape DAFF (Jacolene Mans) F13-11-2-219

E-6-11-2 Response to Jacolene Mans

E-6-12 SAHRA (Heritage) Comment Case 3957

E-6-13-1 Eskom Covering Note John Geeringh3

E-6-13-2 Eskom requirements SOLAR (generic)

E-6-14-1 Birdlife response & cover letter2

E-6-14-2 Birdlife Solar guidelines_version2(generic)

E-6-15-1 Northern Cape Planning (Schalk Grobbelaar)

E-6-15-2 Response to NCape Planning

E-6-15-3 Notes on conversation with SW vd Merwe

E-6-16-1 Response forms E-6-16-2 Response forms

E-6-17 CAA Approval Augrabies PV

E-6-18 SKA Response Establishment of Augrabies PV

F Augrabies PV BAR Impact Assess6


G-2 EMP declaration of independence (May 12)

G-3 EMP Terms of Reference

H-1 EAP Consultant Independence

H-2 Philip Rosenthal CV Sept 13

I-1 Agriculture declaration of independence

I-2 Botanical declaration of independence

I-3 Ecology declaration of independence

I-4 Heritage declaration of independence

I-5 Paleontology declaration-8

I-6 Visual vd Stok Stat Independence (May 12)

I-7 Aquatic declaration of independence

J-1- Acknowledgement of recepit of Augrabies Application by DEA

J-2- Agricultural potential letter to DEA on why some info not neede

J-3-Bird and bat study is not required

J-4-1 Fax Augrabies Solar PV to DEA 4 July 2013

J-4-2 Fax from DEA granting extension of time

J-5 DEA acknowledgement of receipt of Draft BAR

J-6 Municipal waste confirmation

J-7-1Title deed Ptn 9 of farm15

J-7-2 Title deed Farm 431

J-8-1-1 SAHRA Final Comment (cover letter)

J-8-1-2 SAHRA Final comment

J-8-2 DENC Final comment 30 April 14

J-8-3-1 Dept Rural Development & Land Reform final comment (cover lette

J-8-3-2 Dept Rural Development & Land Reform final comment p2

J-8-3-3 Rural Development & Land Reform Final Comments _tabulat

J-8-4-1 Town and Regional Planning Department

J-8-4-2 Town and Regional Planning Department (Response)2

J-9-1 Notification of Augrabies Final BAR Report (Eng & Afrik signed)0001

J-9-2 Final BAR Email notification 29 Jan 14

J-10-1 Letter from DEA on transfer to new application form 18 June 14.